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SEO dashboard features included in the SEO marketing dashboard.

SEO dashboard features
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SEO dashboard features.

The SEO dashboard features various marketing extensions to track and analyse your website’s performance across multiple platforms.

Tracking the performance of your SEO campaigns is an essential part of the marketing process. The SEO dashboard features help make it a more productive environment by bundling all the marketing extensions you need into one intuitive SEO Marketing Dashboard.

“All the SEO dashboard features in one intuitivemarketing dashboard”

SEO dashboard features included in the SEO marketing dashboard.

  • Keyword Ranking
  • Marketing Reports
  • Backlinks Monitor
  • Website Audit Tool
  • Over 50 Marketing Extensions

Keyword Ranking: Keyword ranking is just one of the marketing dashboard features available when you sign up for a monthly SEO dashboard.

Marketing Reports: The marketing reports dashboard is essential to the SEO features. You can build custom marketing reports or use the selection of marketing report templates available within the dashboard.

Backlinks Monitor: Backlinks monitor is another fantastic addition to the SEO dashboard features. The backlink monitor provides various information ranging from new and lost links, image links and text links, removed links and much more.

Website Audit: The website audit tool helps keep track of any technical issues that may arise, providing you with the opportunity to rectify them quickly. The website audit can also run automatically, saving you more time.

Marketing Extensions: The SEO dashboard features over 50 marketing extensions to help monitor your websites SEO campaigns performance from various marketing channels.

Daily keyword ranking reports

Daily keyword ranking reports is one of the dashboard features added to help you keep track of your keyword rankings across multiple search engines and locations.

With keyword rankings updated daily, it provides you with the opportunity to act fash when you see changes in your keyword rankings. Rather than having to wait a week as you do with some SEO Marketing Dashboards.

The SEO dashboard allows you to track keywords by location. The local keyword ranking tool is an excellent feature for local companies trying to analyse their local presence.

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Who needs an SEO Marketing Dashboard?

The SEO dashboard has been designed to help local, national and international companies track and analyse their marketing campaigns no matter the company’s size.

The local keyword and language ranking options within the SEO dashboard allow you to track as much or as little data as needed, regional, national and international.

For small companies, the SEO Marketing Dashboard can provide a snapshot of your companies appearance on search engines and social media website.

If your a small company, the visual representation is a real eye-opener when analysing your website’s performance. The graphical marketing charts boost confidence when you see how the ranking react to your marketing changes. 

If you’re looking for a dashboard for SEO companies, look no further, as the advanced SEO dashboard features available can help save hours of work. 

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