printing company telford shropshire

The client had there in-house designer create there new web site design and our job was to convert that design into a fully functioning web site.

We had several meetings to discuss how the site would look and feel.

Custom fonts have also been used throughout the design along with a few fancy elements.

business card design

The client had a full web site package from HD Pixel Design that included a double sided business card design.

For the site green and yellow was chosen so the business card design was based on the same theme.

Once the client agreed with there business card design we arranged printing and delivery.

leaflet design and printing service

The client asked for a leaflet design for there photography business. They did not know what they were looking for but asked for it to be very professional looking with a variety of details.

After showing the leaflet design to the client they was very happy with the results.

Once the design was passed we had them printed and I delivered them to the client personally.